Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jennifer Lopez

Birth Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Also known as J.Lo
Born: July 24, 1969 (age 42)
Bronx, New York, U.S.
Genres: Pop, R&B, dance, hip hop
Occupations: Actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer, television producer
Labels: Epic, Island, Work

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born July 24, 1969), also known as J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer, and television producer. Lopez began her career as a dancer on the television comedy program In Living Color. Subsequently venturing into acting, she gained recognition in the 1995 action-thriller Money Train. Her first leading role was in the biographical film Selena (1997), in which she earned an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress. She earned her second ALMA Award for her performance in Out of Sight (1998). She has since starred in various films, including The Wedding Planner (2001), Maid in Manhattan (2002), Shall We Dance? (2004), Monster-in-Law (2005), and The Back-up Plan (2010).

Lopez came to prominence within the music industry following the release of her debut studio album On the 6 (1999), which spawned the number one hit single "If You Had My Love". Her second studio album, J.Lo (2001), was a commercial success, selling eight million copies worldwide. J to tha L–O!: The Remixes (2002) became her second consecutive album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200, while her third and fourth studio albums – This Is Me... Then (2002) and Rebirth (2005) – peaked at number two on the Billboard 200. In 2007 she released two albums, including her first full Spanish-language album, Como ama una Mujer, and her fifth English studio album, Brave. Lopez returned to music and released her seventh studio album, titled Love?, on April 19, 2011. Its single, "On the Floor", has impacted charts worldwide. Her contributions to the music industry have garnered her numerous achievements, including two Grammy Award nominations; two Latin Grammy Award nominations; three American Music Awards, amongst six nominations; and the estimated sale of over 55 million records worldwide. Billboard ranked her as the 27th Artist of the 2000s decade. As of late 2011, Lopez is a member of the judging panel of American reality television competition American Idol.

She led People en EspaƱol's list of "100 Most Influential Hispanics" in February 2007. She has parlayed her media fame into a fashion line and various perfumes with her celebrity endorsement. A fashion icon, several of her dresses have received considerable media attention, most notably the Jungle green Versace dress which she wore at the 43rd Grammy Awards in 2000—voted the fifth most iconic dress of all time. Outside of her work in the entertainment industry, Lopez advocates for human rights and vaccinations, and is a supporter of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In 2011 she was named the most "Beautiful Person" by People magazine in its annual issue.

Jennifer as an individual per Numreology:  Jennifer interacts with others in a practical, stable and unemotional manner. Jennifer’s practical and logical approach to life means that Jennifer prefers to think before Jennifer act. Jennifer follows the rules whenever Jennifer can and pushes herself to the limits. Jennifer has powers of endurance and tends to be a workaholic.

The negative aspect of the number means that Jennifer follow the rules too closely, becoming too rigid in Jennifer’s thinking. Jennifer could end up being a bore if Jennifer doesn’t take the occasional chances. If there is no number 4 in Jennifer’s name Jennifer will have difficulty in focusing on the details necessary for Jennifer to accomplish Jennifer’s work satisfactorily. Jennifer’s will power could become paralyzed.

Jennifer has difficulty in dealing with even the simplest of everyday tasks. Jennifer really do Jennifer’s best to make things work - but Jennifer are not very successful. Jennifer’s difficulty is simply that of focusing. Jennifer is looking for the details that are not there! And Jennifer cannot see the details that are there! Jennifer needs the help of more practical people.

Jennifer is highly responsive to stimulation through Jennifer’s senses and Jennifer is hungry for experience. Jennifer appreciates the good things in life and Jennifer is eager to learn. Jennifer’s growth potential in this area is high. Jennifer will be, by and large, tolerant and flexible. Jennifer is prepared to use the opportunities that come Jennifer’s way.

Jennifer has difficulty in evaluating how much Jennifer is worth. Jennifer will have difficulties in expressing Jennifer’s emotions consciously. These emotional blocks will also have an effect on Jennifer’s ability to express Jennifer’s sexuality. It is obvious that Jennifer will have difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex. It is difficult for Jennifer to focus on expressing emotions. It is too painful for Jennifer to do this, therefore Jennifer do Jennifer’s best to avoid it. Jennifer lack self-love. And if at all, Jennifer tends to express love for others more than love for her.

Jennifer prefers to rely on Jennifer’s instincts rather than on Jennifer’s logic. A good test of this is Jennifer’s difficulty of focusing on details. Jennifer must be careful with the speed with which Jennifer reacts. Jennifer does not react intellectually but instinctively, which is very quick. Thus Jennifer bypass normal thought processes and the consequences of this can be disastrous. Jennifer is not really interested in details.

Jennifer has ambition and a very healthy ego but Jennifer are lacking in self-esteem. Jennifer tries to make up for the lack of self-esteem by being highly assertive and constantly active. Jennifer may like to think of herself as being independent but it is the support of others that keeps Jennifer going. Jennifer needs to be more honest with herself and about Jennifer’s feelings.

Jennifer’s ability to communicate with enthusiasm is a consequence of Jennifer’s inquisitive nature and Jennifer’s desire to broaden Jennifer’s horizons. Jennifer’s communication is an expression of Jennifer’s love of adventure and amazement at the wonders of life. Jennifer has a great appetite for life. Jennifer exudes an inner confidence.

Jennifer is the life-long student. Jennifer love learning for the sake of learning. Jennifer is not particularly logical and Jennifer is not in any way practical, although Jennifer imagines herself to be quite practical: which sums up Jennifer’s problem clearly, Jennifer’s imagination runs away with Jennifer. Jennifer should learn to leave details to others and to trust Jennifer’s instincts. Jennifer’s memory is like a sieve!

Jennifer is pretty realistic. However, saying "no" does come rather too easily to Jennifer. It makes Jennifer better at knowing what Jennifer can’t do rather than what Jennifer can do. What comes to Jennifer’s help here is that Jennifer’s logic is so poor that Jennifer has to use Jennifer’s instincts at times. So Jennifer needs to trust herself and not to rely on outer authority.

Jennifer’s tolerance makes Jennifer’s efficiency less daunting. Jennifer’s urge to develop administrative skills is strong but Jennifer shows a great willingness to give and take.

Expansion and growth are key words for understanding Jennifer’s emotional life. Jennifer has good contact with Jennifer’s unconscious mind and remarkably poor contact with Jennifer’s conscious mind. Perhaps for karmic reasons Jennifer are afraid of pain and therefore repress Jennifer’s feelings. This puts Jennifer at the mercy of Jennifer’s emotions which can either freeze or explode. Jennifer may benefit from a professional to help Jennifer unblock Jennifer’s emotions. Travelling widely will also help.

Creative actions come easily to Jennifer - physical, intellectual and spiritual. Jennifer’s problem is making priorities.  Which area of creativity does Jennifer choose? Jennifer feel tempted to work on all areas at the same time, which is both confusing and unproductive. As Jennifer grows older Jennifer may learn to co-ordinate Jennifer’s activities. Too much creativity has very limited use if there is no adequate grounding to support it.

Jennifer has potentially strong spiritual consciousness. But Jennifer has a conflict between the need to develop certain innate talents and Jennifer’s awareness of the limitations of the material world. Jennifer’s belief in herself is being tested. Jennifer finds it difficult to build a sense of faith in herself and Jennifer’s divine origins and powers. Jennifer underrates Jennifer’s abilities. Jennifer’s spiritual consciousness will grow through self-inflicted frustration and hardship.

Sharing many of the characteristics of the other members of this group Jennifer have an attractive personality, the main appeal being Jennifer’s charming and accommodating nature. Jennifer likes to please others - but manage to do so without compromising herself. Jennifer is kindly, thoughtful and helpful without being overly sentimental. Jennifer have a better understanding of the world of material reality than the pure number 6, but Jennifer have to contend with an unstable emotional balance. Personal identity can be a problem and Jennifer will often need to seek confirmation of Jennifer’s identity through others. A conflict arises in that Jennifer need, as a number 6 to have an overall grasp of the situation while at the same time as a 24th the urge to pay attention to every small detail. Jennifer has to ally the forces of feelings (the number 2) with the forces of the logical intellect (the number 4). These two energy forms supplement each other. Jennifer must make them work together. The net product is the ability to see the whole picture - the number 6. On the home front Jennifer will have no difficulty creating the harmonies necessary for family life.

Jennifer must learn how to get on with others. Jennifer’s self-protective instincts are strong so that Jennifer resists becoming part of the crowd. Jennifer prefers to follow a leader rather than take a dominating role. Do not let Jennifer’s feelings of insecurity force Jennifer into isolating herself: Jennifer is meant to be a team player, Jennifer need Jennifer’s team. Jennifer’s team needs Jennifer’s active support, not just Jennifer’s presence. Once Jennifer have learnt the art of co-operation Jennifer will find Jennifer are much in demand for Jennifer’s caring instincts and Jennifer’s ability as a peace maker. Medicine and nursing are obviously areas where Jennifer’s caring skills can find a suitable outlet. These skills might just as well find outlets in filling positions in any area of life where the need to protect and support is imperative. Take care who Jennifer associate with, since Jennifer’s considerate and gentle nature could well be abused and taken for granted. Once Jennifer have found Jennifer’s place in the world Jennifer’s self-esteem should grow and Jennifer should learn to value Jennifer’s abilities. Jennifer’s emotional nature has its drawbacks: swings in feelings must be allowed, for ups and downs are part of Jennifer’s life. Reversals of fortune occur frequently. Jennifer must acknowledge the need for unhappiness to encourage Jennifer to make the most of Jennifer’s happiness. Pain and pleasure, Jennifer must also learn, are two sides of the same coin. The duality of life is Jennifer’s speciality. Become the master of it. Peace of mind comes from within. Jennifer is the very symbol of it.

Jennifer will resist following the leader: Jennifer will feel it is demeaning to be the number 2. Jennifer has difficulty in playing the supportive role without complaint. Jennifer will become aggressive under pressure. Jennifer will find that others expect Jennifer to play a supporting role on many occasions, even against Jennifer’s will. On occasion, Jennifer will only appear to play the supporting role and naturally this will be seen for what it is: hypocrisy. Jennifer’s naturally loving nature is begging to be aired. Acknowledge the love Jennifer receives. Otherwise Jennifer may end up rejecting genuine offers of friendship and love.

Jennifer creates harmony by being caring and supportive. The combination has its limits as Jennifer will have to learn how the world works. If Jennifer can take care of the details Jennifer will have few difficulties creating a harmonious environment.